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Updating to 10.9.5 - System Reboots at Niresh Installer Drive

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Updating to 10.9.5 - System Reboots at Niresh Installer Drive

I've been trying to update my system running Mavericks 10.9 by the help of this guide :

I've copied the Mavericks Kernel and the Extensions folder in terminal, and I've run the OSX 10.9.5 installer, like the guide says.

but when I try to boot into the installer from my Niresh Mavericks installer USB with boot flags xpcm-free, , the system just reboots, (I also tried the bootflag GraphicsEnabler=Yes)

My Original Mavericks Drive doesn't boot either because of the update of course, but it does get as far as the Chameleon loader and then the system reboots,

if I leave it, it just reboots again and again in a cycle.

I tried making the Niresh USB drive again but also no luck, I looked for 'Execute Disable Bit' settings in my BIOS to see if that would change anything, but I don't have these settings available in my BIOS

can anyone help me with this? 




AMD Phenom II x4 CPU

Nvidia GTS 450 GPU

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