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Need Help in order to boot from USB

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Need Help in order to boot from USB

Hello!! I'm trying to boot from my usb. I have downloaded and restored the Sierra Zone image. My BIOS has detected the installer, but the problem is I can't boot from it. I have used kcsuffix=amd, -v as flag, but all I got this.



And if I select boot flag as graphicsenabler=no fcsuffix=amd I got this


Do I need to replace the kernel before proceeding? My system specs are below

  • AMD FX 6300
  • MSI 970 Gaming MotherBoard
  • 2*4GB 1866Mhz Kingston HyperX Fury RAM
  • 240GB SSD for Windows
  • 320GB WD Blue HDD (for Hackintosh)
  • Nvidia GT 630 2GB

BTW I've chosen the 1st option from installer menu.


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