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Dual booting Sierra and Snow Leopard same drive different partions

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Dual booting Sierra and Snow Leopard same drive different partions

Hi I have a Dell XPS 8100. I have a hard drive with 2 partitions. I first successfully installed Snow Leopard on one partition and Sierra on the second. 

My problem is since I installed Sierra I cant boot into Snow Leopard. It stalls on the loading scripts at system uptime in naoseconds

As a update, I am able to boot to Snow Leopard booting to a Snow leopard  Osx 86 Snow Leopard mod install dvd.Then selecting Snow Leopard.  However the same dvd wont let Sierra boot . I am guessing it has something to do with the boot conf between the 2 systems.

Sierra will boot by itself. It uses Clover 2.4k rev 4012. 

I have reinstalled Sierra using Chameleon install to efi option. After installation and on reboot the first screen gives me a choice of Snow Leopard only. If I hit the space bar I get the option of both Sierra and Snow Leopard.  Snow leopard will boot fine. However Sierra stalls and cant find kernel match. 

It now shows  darwin /x86 boot v 5.0.132 and chimera v 1.7.0. r 1394. What must I do to correct this? 




Any suggestions appreciated


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The chameleon version that you use with Snow leopard is very old, which will never work for Sierra.

but i think latest Chameleon or Enoch could load Snow leopard & Sierra too.

If you are using Sierra Zone there is an Option to Install Chameleon bootloader to EFI Partition.

When Chameleon is installed into EFI Partition, Chameleon will load org.chameleon.Boot.plist from the target volume


#If you choose Sierra chameleon will load options from

#If you choose Snow leopard chameleon will load options from

I also remember older versions of Chameleon were using com.apple.Boot.plist as the main configuration file later changed as org.chameleon.Boot.plist.

Now you must use org.chameleon.Boot.plist instead of com.apple.Boot.plist in /Extra folder.

Hope it helps, Keep me updated @rickl 

Finally why do you still have snowleopard installed?

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