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How install El capitan or sierra for Hp pavilion 15n209tx

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How install El capitan or sierra for Hp pavilion 15n209tx

Please if anyone can guide me to install sierra or el capitan on hp pavilion 15n 209tx it would be really great 


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I am not familiar with your hardware, so I will give you the basics of how to make an USB Installer to start with. If you're able to boot the installer, but it won't let you install macOS, then please report back with more information such as your system specifications and the errors you get.

If you are already on macOS, download El Capitan or Sierra from the App Store. 

Then there are two ways to make an USB installer:

  1. By using macpwn (easiest way)
    For El Capitan: download link
    For Sierra: download link
    You can find a full guide of how to do it for El Capitan here and for Sierra here
  2. By making it yourself 
    1. Open Terminal
    2. write "defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES killall Finder" without the quotation marks and press enter
    3. Go to Finder > Applications
    4. Right-click on the macOS installer app > Show Contents
    5. Navigate to Contents > SharedSupport and mount InstallESD.dmg
    6. Inside the mounted InstallESD, mount BaseSystem.dmg
    7. If you haven't already, plug your USB stick in
    8. Open Disk Utility and restore BaseSystem.dmg to your USB stick
      click on your USB partition, choose 'restore' and choose 'OS X Base System' as source
    9. Open your USB in Finder and navigate to System > Installation and delete the 'Packages' symlink
    10. Go back to your mounted InstallESD.dmg and copy the Packages folder to the System > Installation directory on your USB stick
    11. Again, go back to your mounted InstallESD.dmg and copy "BaseSystem.dmg", "BaseSystem.chunklist", "AppleDiagnostics.dmg" and "AppleDiagnostics.chunklist” to the root directory of your USB installer
    12. Extract the kernel (in case you get a kernel not found error upon boot)
      1. Download Pacifist
      2. Navigate to your Packages folder, right click on 'Essentials.pkg' and chose 'Open with > Pacifist'
      3. Within Pacifist, navigate to System > Library > Kernels
      4. Highlight The 'Kernels' Folder and extract it to Your USB > System > Library
    13. Download your preferred bootloader (I am using Enoch rev2839, which is based on Chameleon)
      Note: If you are using Chameleon/Enoch, make sure that you enable Kernel Patch KernelBooter_Kexts
    14. Install the bootloader to your USB stick
    15. Disable SIP (System Integrity Protection)
      1. Chameleon/Enoch
        Open your /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist and add this entry:
      2. Clover
        Open your Clover config.plist and add this entry:

        note: you can use any of these values: 0x3 (SIP partially disabled, Loads unsigned kexts), 0x67 (SIP completely disabled)
    16. Download fakeSMC and  NullCPUPowerManagement kexts and put them on your USB > Library > Extensions
    17. Reboot your laptop, enter your BIOS and if available, turn off vt-d and set HPET to 64-bit
    18. Boot from your USB stick, and use bootflags -v -f

With El Capitan, the installer gave me an error, saying that it was already installed on my system, which obviously was not the case. I fixed that by putting my smbios.plist (imac10,1) in the /Extra/ folder on my USB.

If you are not on an Mac/Hackintosh already, things get a little more difficult. If you could get yourself a copy of El Capitan / Sierra, you can however do it from Windows too, using TransMac.


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