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Rico Cremer

Can't get kextd port, AppleACPICPU timed out, waiting for DSMOS

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Can't get kextd port, AppleACPICPU timed out, waiting for DSMOS


I am running into a weird problem. I am currently running macOS Sierra 10.12.3. At the time of installing it was 10.12.2, which I eventually updated to 10.12.3 without problems. I installed it vanilla. I will describe the process:

(I was on El Capitan at this time)

  1. I downloaded Sierra 10.12.2 from the App Store
  2. I restored the Sierra Installer to my 16GB USB 2.0 stick using the following method:
    1. I mounted the InstallESD.dmg image, found inside the Sierra installer app package
    2. I restored the BaseSystem.dmg image, found inside the InstallESD.dmg image, to my usb using Disk Utility
    3. I copied over the packages folder inside the InstallESD.dmg image, to the /system/installation folder on my USB stick
    4. I copied over "BaseSystem.dmg", "AppleDiagnostics.dmg", "BaseSystem.chunklist" and "AppleDiagnostics.chunklist" files from the InstallESD.dmg to the root of my USB stick
  3. I used Pacifist to extract the kernel, and placed it in the /System/Library/Kernels folder on my USB Stick
  4. Installed Enoch rev.2839 to my USB stick
  5. Installed Sierra just fine

Now, I replaced my harddrive with an 120GB SSD and wanted to do a clean install of macOS on it. So I downloaded Sierra 10.12.3 from the AppStore and followed the same procedure as described above, booted my system from the usb installer and.... Nothing. I am getting a weird error:

Can't get kextd port.
busy timeout[0]. (240s), kextd wait(0); 'AppleACPICPU', 'display', 'pci1002,aa98', 'AZAL', 'IOUSBHostInterface', 'IOUSBHostInterface', 'IOUSBHostInterface', 'PX43', 'UAR1', 'UAR2', 'IOResources'
Waiting for DSMOS...

And there it freezes.

Like I said, I've installed Sierra 10.12.2 before and did not have any issues so I don't understand completely why it won't let me do a clean install of Sierra 10.12.3. Other than the harddrive, nothing else changed, so I thought it might be because of the SSD. Though, booting up the installer with the old harddrive in gives me the same result.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Motherboard: NEC VL280U, Intel G33/P35 chipset
CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q9450, 2,66Ghz
RAM: 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 667Mhz
GFX: Sapphire Radeon HD 6450, 1GB Low-Profile


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Nevermind, I fixed it already. I think something went wrong with copying fakesmc.kext to /extra/extensions. I copied it again and now the installer boots without problems.

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