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Strange problem with Graphics in Sierra

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Strange problem with Graphics in Sierra

Few days ago I'd installed macOS Sierra on my PC, and now I have very big problem with graphics.
Here is the video of my problem:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6T4w2qHNCk 
1. My main(HDMI) screen doesn't work, I have to use my second VGA screen. 
2. When I'm logging in, graphics is glitching and flashing. 
3. I can't watch youtube video in fullscreen without flicking. 
Any solutions? I'm using GTX 650
And I have a nvidia web drivers or something like that. 
I can change default to Nvidia and it works, but I don't see any change after reboot.
I'm sorry for wrong forum category, but I can't find Sierra Support Center. :/

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