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Clover boot stuck at black screen

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Clover boot stuck at black screen

Hi, after almost a dozen tries ive finally managed to install and boot Yosemite on my machine which is a Sandybridge Elitebook 8460p with Intel 3000 graphics.


What i did was this: Installed Niresh Yosemite without selecting any bootloader, first boot with GraphicsEnabler-Yes flag it booted fine and i have hardare acceleration, only problems i noticed were no sound and no Wifi, after a reboot i ran Probook Installer and selected all the patches for my model, installed Clover then reboot.

Now that i have Clover installed i select boot from my Yosaemite partition and it gets stuxck at a black screen on what i assume is the logins creen, if i press the brightness keys i can see the screen dimming so my guess is its working fine but i cants se anything at all.

However, if i boot from Niresh Yosemite USB installer with GraphicsEnabler-Yes flag it booits fine.

Please, if anyone has any suggestion as to how to fix the Clover black screen ill reall appreciate it, im SO CLOSE to finally have Yosemite running on this machine.



i got a config.plist from Rehab's repository for my model (Intel HD 3000) put it into EFI - CLOVER - KEXTS and now i can finally boot from Clover and not even need for any bootflags.

JUst a couple problems, i don;t have Wifi, battery status and volume keys dont work, volume is always at %100.

If i understand how Clover works, it overrides any kexts in Sysytem - Library - Extensions and uses whatever kexts are in Clover's kexts folder (in my case 10.10),

just a couple questions tho... could there be any incompatibility between a kext in S//L/E and Clover's kexts folder?

Can i delete kexts from S/L/E that are duplicates from Clover's kexts folder?

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