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Everything about Hackintosh in One Page

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Hackintoshing means installing macOS on non Apple branded computers, One of them is making a Hackintosh is cheaper (Benefits of Hackintosh), buy Hackintosh compatible hardware in Hackintosh Shop

How to Hackintosh?

There are two methods vanilla installation method & Distro installation method.

Vanilla installation method requires a mac or Hackintosh to make the bootable installation media but distro method is easy and works in most of the case and it doesn't require a mac or Hackintosh you can prepare the Installation media from windows easily with few steps

Hackintosh Basics

What is a Hackintosh

Reasons to Switch from Windows to Mac and Why Hackintosh is Better

Hackintosh Terms and Definitions

Hackintosh BIOS Settings

Hackintoshing a Laptop Basic Informations

What is UEFI and how it is useful for Hackintoshing



Hackintosh Distro method installation Guide

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC

How to Install macOS Yosemite on PC

How to Install macOS Mavericks on PC

How to Install macOS Mountain Lion on PC


Hackintosh Vanilla method installation Guide

Vanilla Sierra installation method

Vanilla EL Capitan installation method

Vanilla Yosemite installation method

Vanilla Mavericks installation method


Debugging Hackintosh

Guide to Debugging Your Hackintosh

How to Install and Activate nVidia Web Driver in a Hackintosh

How to Find Hackintosh Internet (Ethernet & WiFi) Drivers + Kexts

How to Fix Still Waiting for Root Device in Hackintosh

How to fix Hackintosh Grey/Black/White Screen & No Signal Problem in Hackintosh Installation

How to fix iMessage issues, and why it occur in the first place

Fix The Error BootCacheControl Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 no such file or directory

Fix Kernel panic by Apple Intel CPU Power Management kext

Fix FakeSMC failed to initialize SMC device Error

Fix DSMOS has arrived and waiting for DSMOS Hackintosh

Fix deny mach-lookup Sandbox error with Clover Niresh Yosemite


AMD Hackintosh

Installing Hackintosh Yosemite in Unsupported Intel Processors and Most AMD Processors

Choosing a Processors for Your Hackintosh – Intel or AMD


Hackintosh Tweaks

Softwares to Install After Setting Up Mac

Free NTFS Driver for macOS (Open Source)

How to Repair Permissions on OS X EL Capitan

How to Force Enable TRIM in OSX EL Capitan & Future OS X

Force Empty Trash on macOS

Enabling Bluetooth Handoff in A Hackintosh

Backing up and Restoring your Hackintosh


Buy Hackintosh Parts/ Buyer's Guide for Hackintosh

Supported Hackintosh WiFi Adapters for Desktops & Laptops

Hackintosh Supported, Compatible Bluetooth Adapters: Updated




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