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Toshiba P50-A Yosemite driver problem

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Hello everybody ! 

I'm using Toshiba Satellite P50-A
lapop confg. 
Intel core i7 4700QM
12 gb RAM 
Intel HD 4600

Nividia gt 740m 2GB

Sound driver work corectly.
They recgonized Intel HD 4600 7 mb...but it is not 7 than 512 mb
Can Nivida graphics work corectly ? Can I install driver for Nivida? 
I don t have wi fi signal or ethernet and I don t know how to fix it.

I use multibest yosemite edition. But that doesn't help me enough :/ 
I can't run mac os x wihout bootable usb stik in laptop. when I pull of usb stik i can't run mac os x. 
What is the trick ? I tried install a lot of bootloader and it doesn't work :/ 
I've already installed windows 10 on oder partition. I don't know what is wright kext for my laptop so i installed a many of things but dosn't help :/  

I hope somebody can help me ! 
Sorry for my english because I'm from Croatia !

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