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Yosemite Zone install diary

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Hello.  First off, I love the community you have here. I have wanted to fiddle with hackintoshes for a while, but haven't had the time.

I have decided to try and get it working, but of course I have run into MANY issues. This is going to be sort of a blog / diary of my attempts and what I did to fix them.
The purpose of this, is to get help with anything I cant fix; and anything I do fix, hopefully someone else finds a fix for their issue.

My hardware:

Motherboard: Asus H81M-E
CPU: 4690K
GPU: None - HD4600 integrated
Keyboard: USB
Mouse: USB
Ram: 4GB (2X2GB) Kingston HyperX
HDD: Samsung 1.5TB mechanical
USB Stick for install: Lexar Jumpdrive 32GB USB2

For all of these attempts, I will be using Yosemite Zone 10.10

Current issue/s

Currently reinstalling with the GPU and NO boot flags

OS Kernel Panicked.

The install went fine, but the bootloader is only on the USB stick for now.
Keeps hanging on IOBluetoothHCIController
FIXED: Installed an old 8400 gts and used DVI, with boot flags -x -v -GraphicsEnabled=Yes

Currently booted into OSX via safe mode.

It turns out it wasn't even booting to the disk.
Trying to install with these flags "-v -x -IGPEnabler=Yes -no-zp -cpus=1"

First boot is taking a very long time. I suspect it has frozen.  Will wait another 10 minutes.

16:56 12/12/2015

Install is failing on the last minute with a message similar to "OSX cannot be installed on this computer".
FIXED. I added in my second stick of ram and ran with NO boot flags


First 10 attempts

I kept getting Essentials.pkg was corrupted. After looking at a lot of different BIOS settings from many different web pages, I found the cause was to do with CPU settings.
(Check images for my current settings)


Bios Settings:

(Will add later)




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