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SSD Not Detected

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I am working on installing 10.10.1 on my system, I am using a Gigabyte ga-fx990-ud3, pny 240GB ssd, Sandisk 120GB ssd, and a 750GB HDD, and a PNY 120GB USB3 usb for install disk.  I have determine the right combination of kernel and flags to boot the installer, but when I open Disk Utility, the Sandisk SSD is not detected, but everything else is.  I have set both of my onboard SATA controllers to AHCI, borking my win 10 install, but the second SSD is still not found by Disk Util.  All drives were detected by windows, before changing BIOS settings.  Is anyone able to help.  The board does not have any clear indication as to which SATA port is which, all ports are the same color, and grouped together.

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