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cant find the right boot flag for my pc

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my pc spec:

intel core i5 4200U

8gb ram

intel hd 4400 graphic and Ati Radeon HD 8850m 2gb

have partition my drive with tranmac, when i boot into the Yosemite zone without no flag it will reboot my pc, i try npci=0x2000 .npci=0x3000, GraphicEnabler=no and yes, no flag work for but when i use /amd it boot and i install it on my drive when i try booting to setup mac this is what i get at the end

Debugger not configured. hanging 

pls help



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Use this: /haswell

Let me know and if you have any doubts, just ask, I'll try to answer...

Good Luck

P.s. About your graphics cards: Possibly the dedicated card will not work, you must inactivate (Idk if this word exists) from the BIOS. Just

go in advanced-- Graphics mode-- UMA Only. If your dedicated graphic card will not work, you have to inactivate the Intel Virtualization Technology.

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