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Running MBR install of Yosemite with Chameleon

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I have installed OS X Yosemite with the Niresh build of 10.10.1. I need to use the Clover bootloader for one of my drivers, but had originally installed Chameleon. Since I only had one partition, I installed the Clover bootloader over my Chameleon/OSX install and while I can successfully boot into Clover, i cannot boot into my install of OSX (my drive is not an option in the clover bootloader). I can still get into my OS X install with my flash drive installer and picking the proper drive, but I need my flash drive in order to boot. How do I fix Clover so that it can see my boot drive and load from it?



AMD FX-8350 processor, MSI 970A-G46 motherboard, 32GB ram, AMD R9-270X, one SATA HDD


Partition wise, I only have one partition. It has an MBR partition table and the sole partition has both OSX and Clover.




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