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Quadro k4000 MAC

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Hi! I'm from spain, so i apologize about my english... Here is my question. I installed Yosemite MaconPC cd with my old Radeon HD 5770 and i had no problem. But now I'm trying with a Quadro K4000 for MAC (manufactured by PNY) and i can't make it work. I'd try  try two different installation for now 1) Graphicsenabler=Yes  2) Graphics enabler=yes / Nvidia options enabled. I tried this 2 options several times without success. It stuck always in the Mac On PC with the apple screen. Any suggestion about an install config that works? Thank You very much.

Here is my hardware

Mother board: Gygabyte p67a-ud4-b3

Processor i5-2500K 3,3 GHz

Memory: Corsair vengeance1600 cl10 - 24 gb (2x8) and (2x4) 

Graphics: Quadro k4000 MAC

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