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ATI RADEON SAPPHIRE HD5450 no signal on boot,Yosemite

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Good evening!

Today I tried to install Yosemite from usb on my intel-based pc,which is a Dell Optiplex 760.Everything was great until installation finished and booting the new installed Yosemite.

When the computer restarts to boot the new Yosemite,the monitor shows NO SIGNAL,GOING INTO SLEEP MODE.

The monitor is connected to my ATI RADEON 5450  with HDMI PORT.

i tried booting with flags, -v -x ,nothing seems to work,please,can anyone help me to get it to work? I need at least to see something on my monitor so i can later make the video card fully to work and modify the respective kexts.


Maybe there is a combination of flags that work...


Thank you very much!

best regards!

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