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10.10.1 won't boot without usb key

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Hi everyone!

I've installed Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 on a Workstation HP Z210 (Xeon E3 1240, 16GB DDR3, Quadro 2000). The bios settings that allow Yosemite Zone Setup to recognize my sata hd is AHCI-RAID, but when setup is done, on the first reboot, the installed Yosemite won't start. If I leave my usb key (with Yosemite Zone installation) I see the bootloader from usb key, but not my hd.
So I've changed my BIOS settings in IDE mode and the bootloader from usb key  sees my internal sata hd and boot from it without any problem. Yosemite zone works perfect on my configuration!

But when I start my pc without the pen drive inserted, no bootloader screen appear and yosemite zone won't boot.

What can I do?


Thank you in advance.

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