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instalation error

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hey im having some issues installing mac osx 10.10 im gonna dualboot btw windows 10 and yosemite i everything is going fine until i start from clover there is just a blinking - in the top left corner and it does not go any further and i know i got the osx on my other usb drive but i cant install from there because of another error picture below i have had osx on this pc before but i desided to reinstall after a upgrade from amd to intel as intel is more supported then amd and it just froze with the amd cpu i went to the list over components on this site everything should be supported just fine with the boot key /haswell when i got this error i stil had traces of the old osx on my hdd so i desided to reformat all my drives including my flash drives and reinstall windows so when i get the same error now its just a black screen with just the same error no apple logo in the background 

My setup 
i7 4790k
msi z97 gaming 5
gtx 780ti (dindt see it listed but i know it works since i have had osx running on this card before)
dont know the names of the drive im gonna use but it works 

the only change to my system is from the amd fx 8350 to the 4970k and from a asus rog board to a msi one 
Note i do not have a mac at my place as of now 




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