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Keyboard (and maybe mouse) input issues.

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well i've finally installed hackintosh on my pc so i'm a total noob on this. But here's the problem, if i hold any key on my keyboard it just recognises 1 input (even on backspace, space, arrow keys and so on), and if i hold the key then press other key it re-inputs the holding key, inputs the other key that i've pressed and once again inputs the holding key(like (hold "G" pressed "R") GGRG). i'm using yosemite.zone 10.10.1 that i've downloaded here. just installed and injected a missing kext of ethernet. (and installed things like google chrome, steam, lol and xcode) specs:

intel i7-4790

amd radeon r9 290x

16 gb hyperx (2x 8)

250 gb ssd (with os x)

1 tb hd (for randon stuf)


i found the problem, it was the keyboard, i've tested 2 other keyboard and they are fine, i think it was the macro keys, but anyway i dont want to lose my keyboard so the question open for any help on how to fix it.

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problem foun, but not solved

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