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Laptop is getting stuck somewhere..

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       I have an issue. I have a toshiba satellite c55. And i install the distro called Yosemite Zone.dmg and put it on a usb through TransMac. Then i plug it in and go through all the bios stuff and i am at the screen where you type in the boot flags. When i type in no boot flags i get a successful but into the USB but i am stuck at the Mac On PC Logo with no progress bar at all. If I try most other boot flags in many many combinations i usually 1 in 10 tries get a MaconPC screen. Otherwise i am stuck at the black screen. When i type in "-v" as another boot flag, all of the code says no errors then the code goes away and at the area where you should have the Mac On PC screen it shows a black screen. Any and all comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated. Also, my specs are as follows:

intel i5-5200u

8gb ram 

and integrated graphics. 

Thanks!!! Will be on the lookout for a solution and will update the post if I solve it and share my solution :)

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