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Nothing is working I am trying to install Yos or Mave

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I have 2 systems:


Amd phenom x6 1035t

14gb ram

amd radeon 7770

128gb ssd

MCP61PM-GM Mobo with a Hm version bios(cuz I flashed it to support 1035t, kinda risky)


Msi a6000 from years ago

intel core2duo


80gb hdd

nvidia 8200m

for amd machine, it just gives up. I don't know what to do. i use /amd -v bootflag just fails to do so.

other one, installs but it loads the loading screen and then the screen just goes black

Please HELP!

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Where does the installation stops, the last thing that appears when you use -v?

it finish installing finally but my desktop resatrts . but the daarwin interface is there and I can put bootflags n stuff (its after installation)

so is there anything I can do? as for laptop

what can I use for bootflag?

oh -v one sec

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