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Yosemite fully working and updated to 10.10.5, but...

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Hello guys, I got my AMD hackintosh fully working and updated to 10.10.5 with Chameleon but I want to do fresh install with Clover so I can fix iMessage.

When I install Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 selecting Clover EFI on the customize list, the boot isnt working. Black screen after the number "6". And if I start a Terminal from the usb yosemite zone installer and enter "diskutil list" there is a partition type EFI but name is empty.

What's the difference between Clover Standard and Clover EFI? Why is all the ppl is going on with the last one? Isn't working for me...

Maybe I will try Clover UEFI, but I dont know if it is a good option, at least my motherboard is UEFI.

I know my english is really really badso sorry... I'm learning :(

Thank you in advance :)

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