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HP data vault x312 and yosemite installation

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Hi Guys,

I am trying to install yosemite on this HP data vault x312. It has 2 gig ddr2 6400 ram and I added a vga cable to it for the monitor. I am having a problem installing yosemite, it stops as soon as i get to the MaconPC screen. I am very new to this, so I believe I am making a mistake with the flags as I dont know wich ones I need. could it be possible that the ram needs to be increased?

cpu = intel core duo model D510   bga559 socket type

Graphics = intel pineview  graphics chip

2 gig ddr2 6400 ram  800 Mhz

1 tera HDD

HPET memory address is set to [FED00000h]   options are 01000h, 02000h. 03000h

I have added a vga output to this server so I can connect it to a monitor and a jumper for usb mouse and keyboard support


any adivce would be great


Thank you

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