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How to install Yosemite or El-capitan on lenovo S410p

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Hello, I'm newbie for hackintosh. How to install OSX to my laptop 
My Laptop Spec is :
Lenovo S410p untouched
Processor : i7-4500u
Ram:  4GB
Graphics: Nvdia 720m 2GB and Intel HD 4400 ( bios - Optimus )
UEFI bios - default for windows8 64bit
Current OS: windows 7 ultimate 64 legacy with UEFI first mode 







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Hi, I've got a Lenovo ideapad s510p.

Mine has got an haswell CPU, exactly like your pc.

Well, I tried and tried lots of times booting the Mac On PC USB distro, but nothing. All your problems are because of the Haswell CPU

I made the Yosemite 10.10.1 by Mac On PC DVD (It's very important to burn the iso file on a DVD, USB doen't work with haswell cpus) with the iso file  you'll find in MaconPC site (you must buy a DVD DL),

I booted with the /haswell flag and it worked!!!! (Possibly you need to press F8 or Fn+F8 and then write the flag)

Be careful, you first MUST DISABLE THE DEDICATED GRAPHICS CARD, because it doesn't work (You must go to the BIOS and select Graphics Mode - UMA Only).

In the BIOS select OS Optimized default-- Other OS


Possibly your INTEL HD 4400 will not work immediately, just shutdown and turn on the pc several times.

Idk wich network card you have, but mine did not work and there were no kext for it anywhere, it were not compatible. If this happens also to you It's a very big problem, because lenovo put a block in the Bios that impede to change it (this block is called Whitelist), I spent weeks trying to understand what did I have to do.

All what you have to do is go here https://www.bios-mods.com create a new account and ask them for a modified bios without the Whitelist for your lenovo, they will answer immediately. It's free of charge. Than you must patch your bios ( is very easy and you'll find the instructions in that site) and then you can buy a new network card. I bought the Azurewave NB037H on eBay (15 euros), and with the kext that I've attached here it will work (Idk if the Bluetooth works, just try)...

Now I've got my hackintosh perfectly working.

If you have any problems ask me, I'm not an expert but I'll try to help you.

Let me know...

P.S. I'm so sorry for my incorrect English, excuse me....




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