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trying install yosemite on a laptop HP.

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Hello , I've been trying to install Yosemite on a laptop HP 15 r122ns 4210u i5 processor , Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics and dedicated graphics NVIDIA GeForce 820m .
I've tried several versions and can not get it installed, when you start the installation , the screen goes with apple and automatically restarts. in the bios will not let me disable the dedicated graphics that I think may be what is creating the problem , do you know what could be done ?
Thank you. 

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I got your same problem

All what I did is burn a DVD-DL of the hackintosh .iso file and boot with /haswell

Now I've got my hackintosh working smoothly!

If you have any doubts, ask me! I'll try to answer...

Good luck!

P.s. About your graphics cards: Possibly the dedicated card will not work, you must inactivate (Idk if this word exists) from the BIOS. Just

go in advanced-- Graphics mode-- UMA Only. If your dedicated graphic card will not work, you have to inactivate the Intel Virtualization Technology.

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