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old C2D Hack install but no boot

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I have an older C2D Hackintosh ( 10.9.5 & 10.6.8 ) Yosemite installs but I cannot boot.


I can get the install process, choose my HD and it will install Yosemite.  But on reboot, when I should get the  Welcome to Macintosh  movie instead the comptuer just stays off.  Sometimes it will restart and boot to the text Chameleon screen.  I tried " -x, PCIRootUID=1, -v " together and separately but it will just give me " mach error " and get the screen again.


Hackintosh specs:


Intel G41 Northbridge / Intel ICH7 Southbridge / Intel GMA X4500 video
Realtek ALC888-B Audio



Everything does install into the harddrive, see photo:


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