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Cant Boot Into Anything,Stuck at boot0ss error

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I am so fustrated  right now you guys have NO idea!This Is EXTREMELY PISSING ME OFF!!I can't boot at all on my laptop.It's a gateway ne56r31u and I had the yosemite installer on a flash drive and I booted into the installer and it said after less than a minute left,Os x could not  be installed on your computer.So I rebooted it and now EVERY single time I boot I see boot0ss: error every single time!!I CAN'T USE MY PC AT ALL!!!!!!!!I have tried booting into the usb and it won't boot it just shows this message.Please help I am begging everyone.PLEASE.I can still boot into bios but it is right after the gateway menu.I don't know what to do and can't boot into the usb.

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