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Cant auto boot

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Hi guys,

my 10.9 was running fine until i decided to install clover 10.10  

my current install is chimera. Somehow i cant automatically get into the chimera screen to boot the hackintosh.

i am using gigabyte ga-g41m combo. I even tried installing a fresh install of 10.9, thinking that the the boot image was the issue, but still, even my new install cant auto boot. Could it be some setting in the bios ? But i ddnt meddle with the bios. 

These are captures of my bios... The black screen is whr i get stuck. I have to insert my installation thumb drive, press f12 in order to select the hdd for it to boot.....  How can i fix this issue.... I wish to auto boot as befoe, without having to use my install thumb drive. Thanks.





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