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Yosemite Error During Installation

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So I have a custom built pc, the specs are:

Intel core i5-4670 (non k version)

Nvidia GeForce gtx 750 ti 2gb,

8gb ram

1tb hard drive partitioned 100gb for Mac.

And I am using these boot commands into yosemite:/haswell nv_disable=1 xpcm-free -x -v          and that is all.I have also tried cpus=1 but that gives me more issue.So right now the issue is it keeps coming up with (the last line) debugger not configured:hanging.

With a bunch of text above it.when I fix it,which sometimes it'll work, when I install it after about 8 minutes into the installation,it will show the same message,could someone please help,I really want this hackintosh to work :)

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