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Not dual booting and can't boot normal way in HD , require flash drive to boot either Yosemite or window7.

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I tell how i installed.1st I format my 8GB flash drive with transMac n restore for Mac with transmac ( Yosemite zone ) and then now for bios part . By enabling CPU power saving , Hyperthreading,EDB , disable fast bios mode so that I can used legacy USB , enable AHCI , enable sata gen3 mode , enable battery life cycle extension , disable USB charge in sleep mode , enable USB S3 wake up , enable turbo control, disable password on boot , make it flash drive as primary n second hd , enable touchpad mouse , Disable UEFI for 1st time , ( because previous installation I enable UEFI but cannot install windows ,next button not showing ) so I try this way by disable , now I can install windows n Mac in same HD but I cannot dual boot as normal way on HD still required my flash drive to boot , when I take my flash drive after try chimera , chameleon even macpoison v2.9 still cannot and by taking out the flash drive instantly reboot with black screen can see bios and after that no black screen n shutdown n reboot n do same thing again, both (enable UEFI,disableUEFI) clover I try only for when enable UEFI for disable UEFi nvr try yet .., now I come into Yosemite install , create 2partition Mac. 1st Mac extended (GUID), 2partition msdos(GUID) , reverse way as mention , I try same thing reboot instant after take out flash drive .., , now after complete installed Yosemite n wait few min for auto fix , and fix iCloud , after that , shutdown , no come to windows format,, for enable UEFI I cannot install windows same HD , by disable UEFI I can install windows , once complete install windows , install main driver and I shutdown now come back to Mac using my flash drive , can see Yosemite installer , hd yosemite that installed , and windows NTFS , in dos , click Yosemite hd , loading time I heard noise , after login same noise , I fixed the noise as mention early post , now bootloader for 1st try , I used chimera easy step , just click that is auto install . same as everyone did . So I take my flash drive suppose is can boot with hd but is not instant reboot , I try for second time which is format again n do same now change bootloader , used chameleon still same, same goes to clover ..but I nvr try clover with legacy mode ....anyone solution ..did I make mistake some part or wrong way I'm doing .., need help

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