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Yosemite and efi partition too small

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Hello guys!
I've always been intrigued by how it could run OSX on a PC and now out of curiosity I tried to install Yosemite on my Asus F550C.
Now the problem is in the partitions.
Whenever I try to format or install OSX on one partition the disk utility tells me about insufficient space on disk.
After doing some research I finally discovered that the space is lacking on the EFI partition which is of 100mb
Partition (efi) that can not figure out how to expand, because on windows is almost untouchable (tested various sw) and with gparted I have no idea how to move.
I'd like to keep intact recovery partition and the partition of windows. As I had done in the past with Linux
I put the screen below, the efi is the partition sda1.
I hope some of you can help me!
And sorry for my english! 

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