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Black screen when connecting seccond monitor

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Hello everyone,

It has been almost a year since i tried to successfully install Yosemite and i'm trying it again.
Everything is fully working ( I only have to fix the bootloader but i remember how i did that back then ) but the only problem is,
If i connect my second monitor all screens turn black and i cant do anything.
I tried to force restart and start up again with the second monitor attached booting works fine but when i come to the login screen everything turns black.
It only works normal when i only have my square monitor attached
How do i fix this because i dont like to work on just one square monitor.

Here are the specs:
MSI H81-E33
AMD Radeon HD7790 2GB
Intel Core I5
8GB Ram
( If i forget something please tell me and i will change it right away )

Monitor specs:
VGA/DVI Monitor 1280 x 1024
HDMI Monitor 1920 x 1080


I forgot to add the bootflags i use.

I use these bootflags:
-haswell cpus=1 nv_disable=1 USBBusFix=Yes PCIRootUID=0 debug=8 dart=0 npci=0x2000 ahcidisk=1

Thanks in advance!

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