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Unablle to install Yosemite in haswell pc using MBR table.

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I am unable to install Yosemite 10.10..1 dmg with USB in 1TB hard disk haswell laptop.
I made 5 partitions in  1 TB hard disk with Master Boot Record and formated the partitions as follows:
1. Partition 'Yosemite H D',  190 GB formated with Mac OS extended (Journaled)
2. Partition 'Cinema', 250 GB formated with ExFat.
3. Partition 'Windows' , 170 GB formated with MS Dos
4. Partition 'Mavericks H D' 180 GB formated with Mac OS extended (Journaled)
5. Partition 'Songs & Texts' formated with ExFat.  
But the last partition could not be mounted. The message saying “Could not mount disk2s6 with name Songs & Texts after erase”. As a result, essential.pkg could not be extracted and installation fails at 14th minutes remaining  time (i.e. before middle path of installation). If by luck the installation completes, there is no bootloader icon to boot directly from the hard drive.
Can you find a way out to make the installation successful?  Also let me know how to install wify software for my above wify card in windows.
 My laptop is Acer E5-571 33YS.  The hardware specs are given below.
CPU:                              Intel Core i3-4030U Cpu @ 1.90 GHz.
Chipset:                        Intel Haswell ULT, Socket 1168 BGA
Motherboard:                EA50_HB
Graphics:                      Intel HD 4400 (Microsoft Basic Display Adapter)
Ethernet:                      Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless LAN:                IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wlan:                             i) BT Atheros WB335
                                      ii) BT4.0 BCM43142
                                      iii) BT 4.0Atheros WB222
                                      iv) Qualcom Atheros AR9287 Wireless Network           
                                          Adapter (PCI- Express)
Audio Card:                    Realtek ALC283


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