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HP Envy 17-j029nr and Yosemite 10.10.1 (Please help)

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Hi, i'm trying to installed Yosemite on my HP Envy 17-j029nr but when i install it, it is so slow you cannot even use it. It shows 3MB of Video memory in Yosemite but it showed 64MB in Mavericks.


My specs can be found here: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03830368

The only things changed on this notebook were:

WiFi Adapter (BCM94312HMG) (Fully Working on 'Unsecure' networks??)

RAM (Upgraded from 8GB to the maximum supported 16GB)


The specs that page does not mention are here:

Intel HD 4600 2048MB - Video Graphics

IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio - Sound


Things that do work:


Clover(Recommended)/Chameleon Bootloader(This was a pain)



Things that don't work/or that partially work (Reasons i am here today):

Intel HD 4600 (Azul) 2048MB - Shows 3MB System Shared Memory

NVidia  GT 750M 2048MB - Shows 7MB nVidia Shared Memory

BCM94312HMG - Will only connect to unsecure networks

IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio - Voodoo HDA does not recognize it what-so-ever


If you feel i've left something out, please tell me.. I'm new here lol

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