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Justin Aeon

Successful install OSX Niresh Mavericks 10.9.0 Dell Studio XPS 9000 /w Radeon HD 7870 Graphics

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So I have been waiting for a while to get a working hackintosh together, I have been using AMD most of my adult life and had no success with my AMD FX in regaurds to building a hackintosh.  I just got got my hands on a Dell Studio XPS with i7 920 processor. 


I have been following Niresh on facebook, and one day I decided to try again, now with intel hardware to see if I could get things working.


I found out my Radeon HD 7870 has been supported since 10.8.3


So last night I started my first attempt with this machine, the install worked fine with no flags, but I had a deadbeef error (probably some sort of graphics memory error) on boot, decided to just go to bed and use my laptop for the night, followed by waking up and doing some research. 


I will skip what failed, and explain what worked for me.


I decided to reinstall when i woke up, this time disabling anything graphics related in the customize instalation menu.


The machine succesfully booted into OSX 10.9, but 30 seconds after boot, the system would freeze.


First thing was to update my bios to the newest version, I had no idea what my computer model was, but shortly figured it out and after two attemps found the correct bios firmware upgrade.


Still froze with current install and updated bios, did some more research. 


I decided to try installing again but with flags


I tried with flags "-x -v -f cpus=1"


not sure whats the flags mean as of yet


and made sure to disable all graphics options in the customize installation menu.


I am not 100% sure if the bios upgrade had an effect, but much to my amazement, the install finished, system booted.


It has been all day now, and I have what appears to be, full graphics "though i have not tested with gaming, i have no reslution issues with my Radeon HD 7870" and sound, "I am a musician and use a focusrite scarlette usb sound card".


So yes I am pretty happy, it has been all day, i have done multiple restarts, and so far I have had zero stability issues as of yet.

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Just tried to play a game, uhhh.  Lots of missing textures, I will definantely be dual booting windows for games, mac for art. 

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