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Graphics drivers cause kernel panic

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So, I just set up my first hackintosh. Pretty proud of it since its the first time I've got a desktop. I have an fx8150, gtx 780ti, asrock 990fx mobo. I have to use grafix backup all on installation to be able to boot. This leaves me with a crappy single display desktop that runs like poop. If I reinstall those kexts, I get a boot hang at "debugger not configured. Hanging." And I must use safe mode and single user mode to remove them again. If I install nvidia drivers, I get two working displays(although my hdmi output still doesn't work) and things are smooth until I open something and then I get a whackton of graphic errors and it becomes un-useable. Boot flags are npci=0x3000 and verbose mode... How do I fix my GPU drivers?

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