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Request - Create a USB installer for unsupported macs

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Hi Niresh.


This is a request really.


Is it possible to create a USB installer with Yosemite on it to allow the installation of Yosemite on older (unsupported) Mac's.


My son has got a 2007 A1181 Macbook. It runs Lion but is not supportes for Yosemite but it has got a  64bit 2 Ghz Core2Duo processor and dedicated graphics.


I've tried to create a USB using several guides with no success. There are people who claim to have got this working so it is possible.


You have managed to create a bootloader that allows Yosemite to run on hardware that Apple have never ever supported, so this should be a breeze.


I cant be the only one who wants this.


Thanks in advance.


Jolly ;)

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