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Mavericks on Asus X550LD not boot

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Hi, i have installed mavericks on this laptop.
I5 cpu, HD4400 with geforce 820m.
I use the xpcm-free -v to start the installation program.
At the moment of the installation i've unchecked Graphicsenabler=yes and audiokextdriver because i've watched that another user have the same model but another variant(with i7 cpu and 8gb of ram) and he hasn't no one problems with this configuration (https://www.maconpc.com/topic/3106-not-able-to-boot-after-installation-asus-x550ld/here the topic)
Then I turn up the pc and with the usb bootable i've the darwin page... if I press to start the os on the MAC HD (The name of the disk where I've installed Mavericks) i've the apple logo with loading that remain for infinite time...
Without the usb the pc remind me at the bios page, and I haven't the option to set up the HD like first boot option.

For the -v mode I've upload a photo.
I tried also with nvda_disable=1 but still remain the apple loading.
Anyone could help me?
Sorry for my bad english





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