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Yosemite Zone only booting in safe mode with a bunch of parameters

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just installed Yosemite Zone 10.10 from Niresh USB image. The installation failed with "Undefined Error 0", yet still the OS is booting and working, but only if I boot with the following parameters:


IGPEnabler=N GraphicsEnabler=N -x -v dart=0 UseKernelCache=N -f


I assume that this is not how it is supposed to be. If I leave any of the options out, it will either result in an immediate kernel panic or a loading screen with the HackintoshZone logo and a progress bar loading extremely slow and stopping at ca. 50%.


Here is my config:


- CPU: Intel Core i5 4570 (4x3,2 GHz)


- Board: Gigagbyte H87-HD3



BIOS Options:


- VT-d disabled

- xHCI auto

- xHCI Hand-off enabled

- EHCI Hand-off enabled



What can I do to omit the parameters or at least apply them automatically without having to type them every time?



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i need the log of the installation because i cant be sure if the os x installation has copied required files

try to install nvidia web drivers

if possible boot with just -v and attach a screenshot

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I did not change any settings in the image, so I assume it is still the default one in the Yosemite Zone DMG Image (Chameleon).


UPDATE: I have formatted my USB drive and re-copied the image and double-checked some BIOS settings. For some reason, I could perform the installation without any boot flags now and installation succeeded without the "Undefined Error 0". Nevertheless I still can't boot the OS in normal mode because I'm stuck at the HZ loading screen and after 20-30 min the screen signal turns off.


In verbose mode, this is where it stops: https://i.imgur.com/bJjR4WP.jpg


I also tried with dart=0 -f which results in a kernel panic.

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UPDATE 2: I have managed to make it work with GraphicsEnabler=N -f by unplugging my USB wifi antenna (but that is no problem as it is not compatible with OSX anyway) but booting is very slow (takes about 2 minutes). What can I do to speed things up?


EDIT: Now it takes 40 seconds from pressing Enter on the boot screen until login screen appears, can this be optimized further or is this a normal boot time (without SSD)? I read something about deleting unnecessary kexts but am not completely sure what I can delete without breaking my system.

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