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Strange computer showing up in my network, but only for me

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so. Im pretty new to the word of hackintoshes... after being a windows and a little bit linux user i decided to try turning my dell xps 8300 into a hackintosh, it has worked pretty well for the last few weeks, not to many issues, but today i was sitting on my computer looking for a file in finder and i found something odd, under shared in finder i saw my laptop, my mom and dad's computers, and some strange computer iv never heard of... it is named brn0080770f1530, and for some reason, ONLY I can see it. no one els can, not even my gaming laptop (running windows 8.1...)... only my hackintosh can.  so my dad looked into and he found no trace of this pc. so i clicked get info on the computer and all i get is this image:


so is that normal? or am i seeing someone who was on our network that shouldn't be? or is it something els?


btw, just so there are no questions, i do have a wireless router, but i ONLY use that for my laptop/my parents laptops when we cant use ethernet (tho i do keep it running, with a password 24/7). but my hackintosh is using ethernet 24/7 through ethernet built into the motherboard and i installed yosemite directly onto my pc, with it being the only os, but i plan on dual booting windows 7 soon



since i read to post my specs, im using a:

Dell xps 8300

- OS: Yosemite 10.10.2

- CPU: quad core i5 2500 3.8ghz

- GPU: radeon 5670 1gb graphics card

- Motherboard: Unknown

- Wlan: none/disabled

- Ethernet: broadcom netlink BCM57788

- Audio Card: realtek 887 soundcard (also gave me issues)

- Ram: 8gb 1333hz (upgrading soon)

- HDD (main): western digital green caviar 5400rpm (gave me trouble at first, plan on upgrading asap)

- HDD (second): 200gb forgot what the hell it is and speed 2ndary drive


EDIT: this is not the first time i have seen this pc under network, but again, i have only seen it on this computer

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