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AMD FX8350 and HD7850 1GB - starting only in safe mode

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Hi, I have a problem.
I installed yosemite 10.10.1 build, everything went good with npci=0x2000 (for the first time, I always had a problems even with install).
It booted after install but the only thing which I seen was white/gray screen with rainbow-circle cursor. -> GraphicsEnabler=No (without this it even can't pass bootloader screen -> memory allocation problem)
Next I tried -x flag to start in safe mode. OK it started. I created user account, and logged in. 
In safe mode everything is super laggy (but it is normal I think?).  However i dedected my GPU and screen has native resolution (1080p):
I have no sound too… it is problem for later, priority is get to work my GPU without safe mode
My complete setup:
MOBO: Asus M5A97R2 LE
GPU: Club King Radeon HD7850 1GB Royal King
CPU: AMD FX 8350
Soundcard: Creative X-FI Audio PCI


Thanks in advance for any help!

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I Was having the exact problem on my specs:

MSI 970A-G46 AMD970A s.AM3.

AMD FX 6300

4 GB RAM 1600 MHZ Kingston

Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB (i think)

Sapphire Radeon 6670 2 GB


I didn't know what to do, so i've installed Mavericks 10.9, but i didn't upgraded it yet BUT, now everything is working just like it supposed to. Maybe Your card just like mine is not supported, or we need to change something in order to work.

For example you need to add kernel flag AtiConfig = Zonalis... Check this site:




It has compatibility table for every os x system, maybe you can found your answer here.


Check this out, maybe this will work:




Go down to Update - 03.28.2014


Maybe this: https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/213-macpois0n-mavericks/ will help you as well

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It is working. Thanks!

I installed :





Now only Audio is not working.
I will search for some kexts for my Creative sound card (SB1040)
, but if someone already has working one, please share it.


Thanks again!
Sound is working. I have first fully working OS X on full AMD platform ever o/
first link :

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OK, everything is working fine as I said (almost), but...


Audio ... everyting is OK till restart

I created combined Audio via SPDiF without this (I don't know why).

Generally I'm using digital out for media center (Audio via multiple device -> this can't be done on windows without external app, but even with app the latency is too high)


But after reboot I need go to settings -> sound, select this combined Audio device and then analog -> after this I have sound in kodi (digital) and pc (analog).



I was thinking about this Audio problem, and I got a idea, how to fix it :D


Automator->App->shell script > save
SwitchAudioSource -s 'Urzadzenie' 
afplay /Users/pawel/click_one.mp3
SwitchAudioSource -s 'Line-out (Green Rear)'
1st line -> change default sound adapter for my SPDiF, of course this is my device name, you should write yours
2nd line -> play click sound (actually it is very important, only when sound is playing the SPDiF is activating)
3rd line -> go back to default Audio out
Next -> add this app to autostart
And ... It is working ! :)
The only problem now is internet. Sometimes it working all day, and sometimes it is stopping after few minutes...

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