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Installation of Niresh Maverick fails on my AMD computer. Some help needed please!

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I'm new to the site and Hackintosh in general, so just wanted to say hi first of all. So hi all!


My computer's specs are as below:


Asus M5A99X R2.0 Evo mobo with UEFI Bios.

AMD FX-6300 processor overclocked @4.3 GHZ.

1 x 8GB stick of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram 1600Mhz.

2 x Nvidia GTX 670 DDR5 Graphics cards in SLI.

1TB HDD, 500GB HDD and 60GB SSD.

Blueray / DVD / CD drive.


I managed to download the Niresh Maverick 10.9.0 image and burn it to a blank dual layer DVD-R disk as .ISO format, burning at a slow 2.4x.


To start, I've disconnected my other Hard Drives, left only my mouse and keyboard plugged into the USB 2.0 ports at the back, and left a solitary 500GB Drive plugged into the Mobo by its SATA cable. I've  disconnected the other graphics card, leaving a lone GTX 670 connected.

My UEFI Bios has been set up for AHCI, HPET is enabled and my DVD drive is set to boot first.


When I put the bootable Niresh Mavericks disk in, I use the Boot Flag: amdfx and press enter. The Installer then allows me to proceed right the way through to using Disk Utility to erase the 500GB HDD ready for installation on it. I erase it and set the format as Mac OS Extended (Journalled) and then go straight into installation.


This process usually goes on for about 10 - 15 minutes, reaching a point when it says that only 14 minutes are remaining and then a message pops up saying that Mac OSX could not be installed on my computer. I've tried it twice now and keep seeing the same message at the same point in the installation process.


Is the image possibly corrupt, is it my hardware, or do I just need to try some more Boot Flags?


Again, I am new to this and any suggestions anybody has that I can put to use would be greatly appreciated! I would love to get Hackintosh up and running on my computer!  


Thanks all, Billy.


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While installing open up log under the last menu

May just indicate why it is stopping.

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Thanks for all your help, I managed to get Mac OSX fully working after (including graphics, sound, all USB ports and Wifi) by using a lot of perseverance!


earthbound1337, I used the below installation guide to great success and highly recommend it:



I then used the latest version of Multibeast to install the additional Drivers and amend the boot.plist file to include all required Boot Flags when booting from the Chameleon Boot Loader. I downloaded and installed the Wifi Drivers and Nvidia Drivers seperately and used extra Boot Flags (i.e. nvda_dvr=1) to get everything working properly.


Hope this helps, Bill.

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