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Markell Avicii Wilson

Yosemite Wont boot. "Undefined error 0". Dont know what to do.

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So i need help. I was finally able to move past the "still waiting for root device" mayhem, and i was able to get Yosemite to install. Now my problem is that is cannot boot into yosemite itsself, instead, whenever i get here (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MyTN8S7I7cg/VLm6gnCOg7I/AAAAAAAAF-k/gHebjlmQN-E/s1600/Screenshot_20.png), and hit enter, my computer reboots. It doesnt matter if i boot verbose, single user, ignoring caches, i always get rebooted. Can anybody help me fix this, i do not know what else to do at this point. when Trying to boot verbose or anything, text flashes on the screen for a second, and the very last line is "No SMSBIOS Replacement found', then my computer reboots


i am running an 64amd athlon II, 3gb of ram (i know it says a minimum of 4 but it runs ok on 3), bootflags are -v -x /amd64 cpus=1  npci=0x3000. 


Again, can somebody help my fix this. 

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