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JP Brown

Missing BootMGR when installing dual boot Yosemite Zone and Windows 7

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Good morning. 


This is my first post here and I have throughly enjoyed my experience with my first Hackintosh.   Niresh much love to you.  Excellent work my friend.  I will be sending some cash your way soon.  


I am having some small issues with my new install. 


1. I have Win7 Pro installed on an SSD as my main OS.   However, after installing Yosemite on a separate HDD, I am receiving a "BootMGR missing" error when I select my Win7Pro HDD to boot.  I have already tried to repair the master boot record with the Windows install disc without any joy. 


2.  the AppStore will not let me login with my apple ID.   I receive an error message saying that "This computer or device cannot be verified.  Please contact support".   Did I miss a step here or is there a fix for this issue?  


3.  Is there a known kext for a nVidia 570GTX?  I have experienced some sporadic graphic issues.  I have graphics enabler enabled with 1080p display enabled.  


System Specs: 


AMD FX 8120

Asus Crosshair V Formula

16 GBs RAM

nVidia 570gtx

Windows 7 Pro

OSX Yosemite 10.10


Any help or advice would be much appreciated! 

Thank you in advance!

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