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Error "KextCache 73" while installing OS X with AMD Processor

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I bought a new hard drive yesterday because I want OS X Yosemite on my PC, to work with xCode.

So, everything is good, Install start, and after around 15 minutes, the Installer stop, and show me a message "Error while updating system extension information" (Something like that).


When I open Log Window, I see a message, with these words : "Kextcache 73 Error"...


I've tried to find a solution, with Google, or by modify args boot before launch installation, but nothing work.


PC Spec :


-AMD FX-9370 (8 Cores/4.4Ghz)

-16 Gb RAM (Corsair, 1600Mhz)

-Asus GTX 680 (4Gb)


-MotherBoard : Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3


Installer is in a USB Key (8Gb), with TransMac for transfert the DMG file.

I saw there is maybe problem if we put the USB key on a USB 3.0 Port, so I put him to a USB 2.0.


My Boot Args : "/amd npci=0x2000 npci=0x3000 UseKernelCache=No GraphicsEnabler=Yes USBBusFix=Yes cpus=1 PCIRootUID=2 -x -v -f"


Thanks for future help,


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