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Installation And Boot Problems AMD

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Hi  I have a netbook samsung with next specs 


Samsung NP305U1A-A03MX



HD: SATA 250

AMD E450 1,65ghz APU

BIOS: American Megatrends

         Legacy USB: Enabled

         UEFI Boot: Enabled

         AHCI Mode:Manual

                   Set AHCI: Enabled



Problems with installation:


1 minute finishing throws error message and asks restart or shut down (do not take capture log).

The INSTALLER is command executes successfully and the whole process before finishing it is normal without errors.



Problems After Installation:


Runs well but reaches a loop that does not go below put the images of error.












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either by starting in safe mode with -x -v -f or by using another machine to put them on there somehow

gracias pero se bloquea después de introducir usuario y contraseña de root

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