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Andrew Barbot

Internal Display Problem

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Hey guys! I am having a little issue with my ASUS X73E-BH51.. I installed Yosemite 10.10.1 fine, but when booting, i get the boot loader then it goes to a black screen. But the OS is running in the background (i could hear the static from VooDOO HD) 


My specs are:

  • ASUS X73E-BH51
  • CPU:Intel i5-2430m
  • Audio: i am using is a Realtex HD (idk which version number though)
  • Internet:802.11n WLAN card/Atheros AR8151 
  • HDD:Hitachi HTS537564ARE384
  • Graphics:Intel HD 3000 1600x900
  • Extras: Elan Touchpad, Dual Booted with Windows 7 & Mac OS X 10.10.1

A temporary fix for now is me switching my computer to HDMI mode by pressing FN + F8 which gives me a artifact looking screen on my computer. Then i would have to plug my computer to my TV via HDMI which turns on my internal screen. After that , I could unplug the HDMI cable and my screen will work fine. But if my computer goes to sleep or something, i would have to do that whole process again , so from keeping my computer from sleeping, i use caffeine. Any fix for that? Everything is working fine (except for WiFI but i use my iPhone as a tether from my router.)


Here's a video preview of what's going on...


(The video was when i was installed on 10.8.5 but the problem is still the same)


To anyone who helps me , I truly thank you ! Even if it doesn't work , thanks for your time !  :D 

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