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About to give up on Mavericks and Haswell

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I'm new to this forum.  Having strange problems with my newly installed Mavericks OS.  This was a very challenging process.

I have a gigabyte Z97- hd3 motherboard, with the notoriously problematic Haswell Pentium G3258.  I used clover to install the OS which after weeks of attempts, got it done using the fake CPUID to edit the plists.  Initial problem was my monitor would shut off after about 20 seconds, but would come back after moving the mouse.  I had set the screen saver for 1 hour, but didn't change the behavior until I turned screen saver and power settings to off.  Now I found the reason behind this, the date and time settings are running in hyper time!  For example the hour hand is moving more like a second hand, and so 24 hours goes by in just a few minutes!  Kinda funny.  Also, the mouse will not allow me to double click on anything, I have to right click open.  And I notice the cursur blinking at hyperspeed.  I had installed just a few standard kexts such as FakeSMC, ethernet, and NullCPUpowermanagment.  Any ideas on what I could try?  

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