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Booting from USB issue

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Hey guys,


The issue I am having is: I cannot detect a bootable USB image after I create my liveUSB.


I used transmac on windows with the Niresh 10.10.1  dmg file. I ensured to format it for mac before I restored the image.


I cannot get the usb to be detected by both of my machines.


I have ensured that I have AHCI slected under SATA and legacy mode selected under boot method. I have also ensured that the boot priority is set to the USB first.



Any help or insights would be GREATLY appreciated!


Thank you in advance!!


My Specs:

MSI Z87-G45 motherboard

Nvidia GTX 770

Intel i7 4770 (haswell)


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I managed to make it works, but I don't remember how exactly lol. I think it was by changing the boot order in the bios. I also used Transmac but didn't format the usb key before restoring the image.

Not sure if that helps ;)

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