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John Tsiolis

Cant boot from usb... PLease help me if u can

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Hello and sorry for my English.. I have a laptop Lenovo z585 with amd a8 4500 intergraded grafics 8gb ram... My bios is very simple and i cant change all these settings:In the Bios Menu:

If HPET is available change it to ON & set HPET Mode as 64 Bit
Enable 'Executive Disable Bit' (also known as XD Technology) (Disabling this may cause Hackintosh to Reboot Instantly)
Enable 'Virtualization Technology' (also known as VT Technology)
USB Legacy to ON (If you experience some usb related issues in verbose mode try switching to OFF)
Save BIOS settings and restart


I can only switch from uefi to legacy support and ACHI...


I have tried everything... With legacy support stucks at this ( / ) symbol and and if i select Legacy (Uefi first) i can boot in to chameleon and my computer restarts after Yosemite disk selection...


Im sure that my bios is the problem...


Sorry for my English again guys i need your help

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