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James Sutherland

Radeon R7 265 10.10.1

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Core I7 2600K ( Sandy Bridge )

Asus P8P67 Pro ( Rev B3 )

Radeon R7 265 2GB GPU ( Re-branded Radeon 7850 *I think* )

Onboard HD Audio

Onboard 1gb Lan



I solved my issue ! , here's what I did:

  • Installed with graphicsenabler=no
  • updated to 10.1.2 
  • rebooted without graphicsenabler=no AND I had to use DVI cable only ( HDMI would not work )
  • After reboot graphics worked 100% .. once logged in I could plug my 2nd monitor in via HDMI but I can not boot with the HDMI monitor plugged in


I am having issues post installation, I can get 10.10.1 installed but Cannot get into the user setup without the bootflag graphicsenabler=no .   If I do not have this bootflag my system locks on a black screen. 

Do I need custom Kexts for this card ?   I have tried all the options for graphics during the installation process.    

One time , I’m not sure how … I was able to get booted without that flag and my graphics card showed up as a radeon 7xxxx series  , picture attached.   Upon re-booting it would not work again without the boot flag and no graphics acceleration.


My monitor is connected via HDMI , my 2nd monitor is connected via DVI .  I have tried unplugging both but neither seem to work. When trying I have been using one or the other , never both at the same time.


Any help would be awesome ! 


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